Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To: C.R.O.W.
From: Scott B. Clark, Chairman
RE: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
    Community Fracking Defense Project Posted 9/12/12

Per Mary S's communication, I spoke with Don Rochelle
about the NRDC's Community Fracking Defense Project.
The NRDC has taken the following positions:

1. Assisting residents of several upstate NY towns in challenging
   industry sponsored pro-fracking resolutions that have been improperly
2. to protect public health and environmental quality in advance of fracking
   drills breaking ground.
3. assure that those activities do not foul our water, air, community health
   and safety.
4. help limit harmful effects of fracking.
5. where fracking is not yet widely practiced, there is an opportunity for
   communities to arm themselves with appropriate protections before serious
   community impacts occur.
6. to establish and secure communities power to protect themselves against
   frackings harmful effects and then to help those communities exercise that power.
7. fracking is inherently heavy industrial, community character altering.
NRDC opposes expanded fracking unless it can be proven to be done safely, according
to Don Rochelle.
This is encouraging, but Mr. Rochelle did indicate that they (NRDC) has limited resources.

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