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This is the latest filing by Williams on 12/17/2012 for modifications and the addition of Two larger compressors at the Dunbar rd. Windsor, NY location

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                                                                 December 17, 2012

Hon. Jaclyn A. Brilling
New York State Public Service Commission
Empire State Plaza
Agency Building 3
Albany, New York 12223-1350

Re: CASE 10-T-0350 – Joint Petition of DMP New York, Inc. and Laser Northeast Gathering Company, LLC to Amend Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to Add Two Compressor Units.

Dear Secretary Brilling:

On July 25, 2012 DMP New York, Inc. and Laser Northeast Gathering Company, LLC (collectively "Petitioners") submitted to the New York State Public Service Commission ("Commission") a Joint Petition to amend the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need issued to Petitioners in the above-captioned docket ("Petition"). Petitioners seek Commission approval to add two new compressor units at the existing Dunbar Compressor Station ("Station") in the Town of Windsor. Petitioners hereby provide this supplement to the Petition, to provide the Commission with more detailed information about the anticipated scope of work envisioned at the Station.

Project Description:

The existing Station, which is in service, and consists of, among other things, three (3) 3606 and one (1) 3616 compressor engines that are currently fully operational. As part of the Petition, primary equipment additions to the existing Station consist of (2) identical packaged G3616 engine driven reciprocating compressors, new inlet separation, new oil coalescing filters, glycol filter/separator, blow down silencer, maintenance flare, 300 BBL storage tank, and five (5) 2000 gallon storage tanks.

In addition, piping, foundations, electrical conduit/cable, and instruments are to be added for a complete and functional facility. Being removed from the site are the existing blow down   


 Hon. Jaclyn A. Brilling                    December 17, 2012                                   Page 2 of 3
silencer, inlet separators, and filter coalescing vessels. Also being removed is (1) 3606 compressor engine for the purpose of making space for one (1) of the 3616 packages. As such, the Petition will result in the Station containing a total of five (5) compressor engines instead of the previously planned six.

Project Phases:

The first phase of the project will be site work and shop fabrication. The site work consists of leveling off sections of ground within the Station and removing rock and material to make way for the new equipment. This will establish the necessary level ground to set some of the new equipment. The final grade of the Station will remain (to the extent possible) the same as the existing Station with the exception of removing a portion of the vertical rock face on the Station’s east side. Simultaneously, but occurring off-site at the location of the contractor, the piping needed for this installation will be fabricated according to the detailed design provided by Petitioners’ engineering firm.

The second phase will be the setting, and commissioning of, (1) 3616 compressor engine and the two (2) new inlet separators and related piping on the suction side of the Station. This unit will not be brought on-site until all of the preparations to set it are complete and the Company is in receipt of its amended air permit from the NY DEC. While this unit is being set, the entire Station will be shutdown and all gas evacuated from the Station. In order to set the unit, the section of the roof over the slot space for the new unit will be removed. While the new unit and associated equipment are lowered and installed into the Station, the compressor units will remain shutdown. This installation is likely to take about three (3) days. That section of the roof will then be reinstalled with the compressor units resuming operation, until the new second unit is ready for installation during the third phase described below.

The third phase will entail permanently removing one of the existing 3606 compressor units and installing the second new 3616 compressor unit. This work will be identical to the installation of the first unit. However, that particular section of the roof will be required to be removed for a longer period of time, 4-6 days, due to the nature of removing one (1) unit and installing the new unit. In conjunction with this work, some of the discharge piping will be replaced to accommodate the addition of four (4) new filter coalescing vessels. The new blow down silencer and the enclosed maintenance flare will also be installed at this time. The two (2) different sections of the roof will be open or partially open for about 2-3 days, in total, but at different times, while they are being replaced after each new compressor unit has been installed. The compressor units will resume operation, during the roof removal/reinstallation, with the three (3) larger 3616 units operating full time and the two (2) smaller 3606 units acting primarily as back-up units in the event of emergencies or maintenance or until increases in throughput volumes necessitate their operation.

The new water tanks as well as the new/used oil, new/used jacket water and new TEG tanks will be installed during the most suitable phase. All foundations and wiring will be installed on an as- needed basis to facilitate the installation of new equipment. A station control panel and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) will also be installed and integrated during the course of this project.  


Hon. Jaclyn A. Brilling                 December 17, 2012                             Page 3 of 3 

Accordingly, there may be intermittent, elevated sound levels associated with construction

All work will be conducted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, with the exception of the work day being extended to 7p.m. in the event certain activities cannot be feasibly or safely interrupted. All work on and at the construction site will be subject to Petitioners’ safety requirements and OSHA regulations. All field personnel require drug testing (within the past 12 months) in accordance with a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) qualified Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Plan and will provide evidence of compliance in the form of lab test certifications. Additional site specific safety training will be administered on-site by the Petitioners’ construction management team. This policy applies to all personnel who will be working at the site with the exception of "occasional visitors." "Occasional visitors" are defined as individuals whose activity on the site is brief and does not involve physical on-site work (examples are delivery truck drivers, meeting attendees at the site, contractor off-site management personnel, specific problem consultants, etc.). A list of contractor field personnel employed on the site that has met these safety requirements is to be provided to the Petitioners’ on-site team. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attire such as hard hats, safety eyewear and steel-toed shoes are generally required. Fire retardant clothing (FRC) is required for all work performed in lay down areas and in construction areas.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned should you have any questions.

Respectfully submitted,


Attorneys for DMP New York, Inc. and Laser Northeast Gathering Company, LLC

By: ______________/s/____________________

Sam M. Laniado

Konstantin Podolny

cc: Service List


Filing can be found at this link doc. #67


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